March 25, 2014

Tuesday 25th March

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After over a month of illness – myself with tonsillitis, then kidney infection then sinusitis – and Sadbh and David getting sick in between as well, It was nice today to feel better and to connect in with both the children and good friends. 

I had purposely planned little as I felt I needed to just hang with Sadbh and Odhran, and hang we did. 


Myself and Odhran started the day watching BubbleGuppies on Netflix. I like it and he LOVES it at the moment. 

Then up and we had breakfast and I watched Sadbh play games on my laptop – PBSKids and LaLaLoopsyLand.

Then I suggested a game of doctors. Sadbh got a Dr McStuffins playset from her godmother for her birthday, so we found that and set up the animals that would visit and need care. I had wanted to make a plastercast to show them how and also to let them draw on it when it was dry. Tracey had some plaster paris and had brought it down so we were ready to go. 


I saw a litany of animals and many of them had broken bones. Sadbh’s imagination is in full flow at the minute. She suggested under the bed for the X-Ray machine and also using the Mr Men books as pretend X Rays for the injured. Odhran decided he wanted to be a patient as well. At first he just had 2 broken legs, but then later he decided ALL of his body was broken and needed a big huge bandage!!!! 


It was lovely hearing Sadbh come up with all these invented illnesses for her toys – such as the flower suffering from ‘floweritis’ (not being able to smell flowers) and needed to be sprayed with a rainbow perfume (a tower of lego bricks making up the colours of the rainbow). We had a lovely morning. 


After lunch we headed over to Leighs – we got there a bit early as Sadbh wanted to go with Leigh and pick up Otterlie and Louis from school. Lucy arrived in Leighs a bit later and the kids had a great play – doing dress up and playing with musical instruments as well. I got to have a lovely chat with great friends, and played a bit with Odhran who loved the castle and pirate ship that was there. 

Home for the evening and before bed I will read to Sadbh. We are currently reading Enid Blytons: The Five Find Outers – the Mystery of the Disappearing Cat. 


A lovely calm and chilled day of homeschooling reminding me why I love this life so much with our kids 


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