February 23, 2013

Getting Started

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Those that know me will know that I have talked of doing a blog for a long time now. But I’ve put it off, and off, and off. Why? Fear – of not being good enough, of putting myself out there, of nasty comments, of not having anything interesting to say, all have all held me back. I’m a huge fan of blogs. I follow many different types – from those of friends such as Dreaming Aloud and her newest one The Happy Womb , as well as  Mama Dynamite , and This is Pomp (I seem to know a lot if people with blogs is this the norm now or am I unusual I wonder?)

I love parenting blogs and there’s a whole host of Irish ones to choose from, The Mamas Hip, The Clothesline and Mind the Baby are favourites. My husband has started a blog too which (of course) i think is brilliant – Rothklee  Then there are lifestyle ones such as A Beautiful Mess  I also love birth blogs (of course) and follow and read quite a few – my favourite is probably TalkBirth.

So I am finally taking the plunge and starting my own. The blogs I follow and enjoy give me inspiration regularly, as well as make me ponder and rethink my ideas and challenge or validate my own opinions. I aspire to do the same with mine. I am sure it will be a learning process. I haven’t even figured out exactly what I want to write about. My passions are birth, parenting, home schooling, breast feeding and reading. I’m quite partial to Jeremy Renner and Ben Affleck  (brought my Mam to see Argo the other day) though perhaps not enough to do a blog post on them!!!!! We shall see I guess. Wish me luck on my journey. I have to start somewhere!!!!


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